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Gameplay Photos

[The Thing In Itself]
And there it is at last, in all its glory, on the first night of operation.
[Jeff Plays Tetris]
Techhouse alum Jeff plays Tetris after years of waiting.
SciLi systems hax0r Ryan gazes at the SciLi during his first game of Tetris.
[Mike and Beca]
Mike plays a friendly game of Tetris while Beca watches on the SciLi.
[Tetris Game]
A game in progress, near the beginning.
[Tetris Game]
Later on in the same game.
[Clara Plays Tetris]
Aww yeah, Clara tetris'd on the SciLi!
[John Plays Tetris]
John, who made tetris a very smooth game, plays an excellent tetris.
[Soren Setting Up]
Soren sets up the equipment before the crowd arrives.
[Tetris Game]
Drop the square!
[Watching a Game]
A crowd gathered to watch and play tetris on the SciLi
[Yarmulkazi Game]
The wonderful band played Tetris music on and on.
[Mess of Computers]
This tangle of computers, monitors, and cables was our control center for testing and playing the game.
[Tech House Logo]
It can do more than just Tetris! Here, we have the Sci Li display our Tech House logo.
And here's our universal message of love and peace.
[KD and David Eigen]
Long-time Tech House member Keith Dreibelbis watches the game along with newly-recruited member David Eigen.
A look over Rachel's shoulder as she plays Tetris.
John plays Tetris with the wireless controller that he just finished writing code for.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer and noted Tetris player, flew in from California to play our game.
[Woz with Tech House]
Woz poses with some Tech House members.
[The MIT Guys]
Some visitors from MIT, home of hacking.