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Construction Photos

[Everyone Frames]
Techhousers and affiliates worked hard to put together over a hundred frames.
[Rachel Surrounded]
Rachel is stripping wires, note how she's surrounded by frames and wires.
To insulate the relay contacts we "gooped" them with blacktop sealant.
[Dan Morris Frames]
Dan finishes up a pair of christmas light frames.
[Many Many Frames]
Here is a grand stack of light frames... and that's not all of them!
[Lights in a Row, On]
For the first time, we successfully control the lights via computer.
[Will-Be Control Boards]
These are first-generation control boards, before being soldered.
[Brett Heath-Wlaz, Soldering]
Brett, the master solderer, worked on dozens of control boards.
[Control Board, Closeup]
Here is a close-up of an early prototype floor controller in the makings.
[Control Board Test]
This was the test driver which linked the parallel port of a 486 to any floor controller we wanted to test.
[Fruits of Solder Labor]
Behold the shrines in which we placed the finished and tested floor controllers.
[Dumbwaiter Shaft]
Vertical wiring was placed in the dumbwaiter shaft running between all of the floors.
[Mike Plotz Wiring]
While installing vertical wires, we set up horizontal cables to control the relays on the light frames. Mike strips wires after their installation.
[Clara Wiring at Window]
Reaching up high, Clara is tying up a wire to the corner next to the south wall of the library.
[Curran Wiring Horizontally]
Curran is placing "stickies" and tying the wire to them.
[Endless Frames]
The frames seem to go on forever.... and they're on almost every floor!
[Mike Fried: Staff Only]
Mike brings the wire around towards to dumbwaiter shaft. Note the "Staff Only" elevator behind him; we used that elevator an awful lot...
[Nintendo Controller]
Rob Netzer created this incredible Nintendo controller for Tetris. That is one awesome wireless controller.
[Rob works in opened controller]
Rob Netzer, unofficial TH advisor, resolders his controller to make the "down" button work.
[Rob solders DB15 at vise]
Rob solders a modular connector for the fortunately-never-needed third generation floor controllers.
[Keith at VT w/controller]
Keith hacks up "fuzzy logic" necessary to decode the controller's output.
[Soren sprawls in workroom w/ hands at keyboard]
Soren and John integrate code written by Brett, John, and Keith to make a radio-controllable Tetris.
[Ryan at "basecamp"]
Ryan kept wrote ran tests and wrote lots of code during the week we were camped out in the SciLi.
[Soren's never-erased whiteboard w/tetris]
Early designs for Tetris patiently waited on Soren's never-erased office whiteboard.
[Controller Board in the Dumbwaiter]
Controller boards like this were placed in the library's dumbwaiter shaft on each floor.